Epubor 2.0

It helps you convert eBooks of Mobi, ePUB, PDF formats
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Epubor is a simple and efficient e-book conversion utility that allows you to batch convert your electronic books between the most widely used e-book formats – namely, EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. To make things easier for you, this converter comes with a useful list of output profiles based on all the most popular e-book readers. The conversion process is fast, and the resulting files faithfully resemble the layout and content of the original e-book.

If you happen to be familiar with the Epubor range of products, you may have already noticed the similarities between Epubor and Ultimate, for instance. Actually, Epubor is just like Epubor Ultimate but without the DRM removal capabilities. Thus, when using Epubor, remember to add unprotected books only to the conversion list.

The program’s interface is clean and simple. You can add any number of PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files to the conversion list and then select one of the output profiles available. When you open the profiles list for the first time, the number of options available may make you think that the program supports more than just three output formats. Actually, what Epubor has done is to add a number of device-based output profiles to help less experienced users to choose the right e-book type. Regardless of the device you choose, Epubor will still produce an EPUB, MOBI, or PDF file, following your e-reader’s preferences.

Useful as its batch conversion capabilities are, unfortunately Epubor will not let you convert to more than one output format each time. This does not detract from the program’s value, but such level of flexibility would certainly add to it. Nevertheless, Epubor’s output quality and fast processing speed make it an e-book converter worth considering.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all the most widely used e-book formats
  • Good output quality
  • Device-based output profiles


  • Does not allow you to assign different output formats to the e-books in the conversion list
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